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Our Promise of Quality Artificial Intelligence legal translations

If you want a worry-free relationship with a trusted translator then I encourage you to contact me directly. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Inge Noeninger
Certified Translator

Why Us?

We believe that it cannot hurt to think once in a while about what you actually expect from your ideal translation services provider.

Without a doubt, your ideal translation team makes your life easier by delivering top-notch work, always on time, is attentive to your needs and there for you when you need it. Welcome to the Club – that of my clients of many years, i.e. reputable law firms and in-house counsel of international companies.

With more than 25 years’ experience as a legal translator I have seen things come and go, helping me to develop a clear understanding of a changing landscape when it comes to the provision of legal translations services. Therefore, together with my hand-picked team, I am able to offer legal translations for all situations: ready-to-sign documents, contracts, briefs, court rulings and legal opinions, or – for mere information purposes – abstracts of briefs, pleadings and the like.

Why use Inge Noeninger and her team?

Here is what we deliver:

Accuracy in legal translations you can rely on:
Let only the best work for you

  • All members of my select team of professional translators have demonstrated expertise, at least 10 years of pertinent experience, and are committed to continuing education. Our quality control ensures perfection, guaranteed!

Personal service and timely delivery:
Worry-free scheduling

  • Your contact is the owner, not a project manager. I answer your queries right away and personally see to it that your orders are completed promptly!

Flexible pricing:
Competitive rates for an international market

  • We know and comply with your needs and expectations and those of your clients and provide you with our most competitive rates for each type of translation!

Litigation – summaries / abstracts:
Summary translations for information purposes

  • If your client would just like to know “what it says” in order to discuss legal strategy with you, we can provide you with a summary of your brief, a court ruling or the opponent’s written pleading from German into English. – Considerably faster and less expensive!

It will be my pleasure to provide you with a detailed quotation or discuss a specific project with you.