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Inge Noeninger
Certified Translator

About Us

The team at Noeninger Translations G.P. understands the importance of precision when it comes to interpreting and translating complex legal documentation. We have provided high quality German, English and French legal translation services to hundreds of satisfied lawyers in Europe and North America for thirty successful years.

Our specialized translators are proficient in legal terminology and understand the civil law system of Continental Europe, including the legal systems of Germany, Switzerland, and France as well as the common law in Anglo-American jurisdictions.

Founder, Inge Noeninger
Certified Translator
Inge Noeninger

Professionally trained in Germany and other countries, Inge has 30 years' experience with the concepts of civil law and common law systems. While first establishing her European legal translation practice in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1980, she has been successfully practicing in Canada since 1996.

Working languages: German, English, French


  • State Certified translator in the fields of Law and EconomicsĀ (Germany)
  • ATA Certified translator (USA)
  • CTINB Certified translator (Canada)

Partner, Peter Noeninger
Peter Noeninger

Peter is an office technology engineer with extensive experience in terminology management. He conducts terminology research and management, performs terminology contract work and is in charge of all technological aspects of business management.